The Author


Well… Something about me, Eh?….Right.
My name is Guido Günther and I live in Krefeld, Germany. I earn my money as worksmanager at a big scrap-metal processing Company in Krefeld. At the moment, my sparetime is divided in three different parts, miniature painting (obviously), LARP and Rugby.
Rugby is an unusual sport in Germany but a few teams exist. I am playing for the Düsseldorf Dragons as a prop. I am LARPing for about 13 years now and it is so much fun. As I am keen on creating things from scratch I build a good half of our equipment from scratch. To learn more about my Larping Side of life I invite you to visit our Larp-Homepage (, but beware, its in german and hopelessly outdated. And last but not least I am into miniature painting . I paint miniatures for about 23 years now (2015) and can´t get enough of it. As we moved into a new home we now even have a room dedicated completely to our hobby. Over the years I worked for several Manufacturers of Miniatures as a painter, namely: Excalibur-Miniaturen, Hobby Products , Spielzeit!, Assassin, Fantasy Producions, Ulisses Spiele and Freebooter Miniatures. But nowadays my sparetime shrunk to a minimum and so Iquit painting for companys. Something that boosts the ego of every painter is winning a painting contest and over the time I have managed to win at over 30 painting contests in several countries all over Europe.
This should do.
Guido Günther