The Iron Golems (Warcry)

With the release of the new Warhammer age of Sigmar Warcry game (what a name, let just say Warcry) my fiancee and I were both blown away with the sheer richness of detail and violence of the game. So on release day we went to our local game store ( and bought a starter box. We divided it between us as my fiancee wanted to paint the Untamed beasts and I was drawn to the Iron Golems.

The miniatures are gorgeos and full of character. After assembly and cleaning, I primed them black, as it is a good bas for metallic colors and I wanted to do dark skin.

I like the look of bronze armour with steel trimming, so I went with that.

Paints I used:

For the skin:

Scale 75 African Shade

Scale 75 Indian Shade

Scale 75 Pink skin.

VMC Black

GW Nuln Oil

For the bronze armour:

VGC Beaten Copper

VMC Old Gold

VGC Bright Bronze

VAC Chrome

GW Contrast Wyldwood

For the steel trimming:

VMC Gunmetal Grey

VAC Chrome

GW Contrast Black Templar

On all parts of the models I start with I start with medium to dark base color, followed by a wash and then hightlighting, using layering and feathering techniques.

I started with the Ogre:

Followed by the dwarf:

As this is my current project, I will add the rest of the warband as I finish them.